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Anthem lead producer Ben Irving announces departure from BioWare. King's Bounty 2 blending classic turn-based tactics and third-person fantasy next year. Superhot dev launches funding initiative to help indies. The 10 most popular stories of the day, delivered at 5pm UK time. Never miss a thing. Softonic review After playing the closed beta of Diablo 3 for Mac , we feel that Blizzard has made something that will please fans and newcomers alike.

Diablo III

World of Warcraft It's not a game. It's a world. Darkest Dungeon Explore, fight, and die in Darkest Dungeon. Download Diablo 3. Download for Mac. User reviews about Diablo 3 Review. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Don't leave without your download! But the healing mechanic works. The potions are for oh-shit moments… in games with similar mechanics I find I never wound up using potions until later difficulties.

I read the entire article. There is nothing wrong with stating your honest feedback about the game. However, you have managed to make everything you wrote to be complete unorthodox. It saddens me to think people actually take this article seriously. Just remember it is a beta it is easy and its only out to see how it runs… D2 was way to easy for me until I got out of act 1. And what do u know the beta is an act 1 play through. The monk design has nothing to do with Avatar, but more to do with real life monks and their portrayal in the media over the last 30 years.

Have 3 or more viable combinations of skills is just a good as 3 or 4 viable talent trees or skill point builds. Diablo 2 was a contemporary of those early MMOs yet chose for good reason not to use their structure. In that sense, Diablo 3 is different.

What exactly do you think will prevent cookie cutter builds in Diablo 3? Nothing can prevent them, because as soon as someone posts a video or writes a convincing enough article where they dominate Inferno with specific skills, that build will become popular.

For a seasoned player, maybe not, but going into those fights with zero knowledge was an uphill battle. There were absolutely zero challenges in this demo by comparison. To the people who complain about the game being too easy, let me remind you how much of a difficult bump occurred in the later D2 patches 1. Plus Jay Wilson explained that the normal mode would be accessible and meant to be played by the casual gamers. The last difficulty mode Armageddon is supposed to be insanely difficult, much more than the original hell mode in D2.

Just wait for it to come out and see how it turns out. Of course, if the game is too easy to you even in Inferno difficulty, you are free to leave the game to rot in the digital void whence it came to haunt you even since the Beta days. Hell yeah, i want to slash some more monsters!

Go play Diablo 1 and try a melee Hunter in it. I hope you have a nice day in Hell. I know that i will. The Beta made me crave more of that mortal punishment for those evil horrors. You, sir, made me laugh. Just spend ten minutes with the character builders to realise how many builds you can do with the various skills and runes. I will admit that the way the game is presented gives you the impression that there is little depth and customisation, but this is certainly not the case. In regards to stat distribution, there are gems you can equip later in the game that boost stats.

Really, is it a beta when it is released 2 weeks before launch? How many changes do you think will really be made in between? However, it seems you were hoping to get into D3 Beta which was invites only and since you did not get in, started to bitch about everything. You, sir, have no clue what was going around in that open beta phase, even though it was explained to you when you were getting the beta all along. From what i saw during the long beta development, things were changing alot from time to time, and if anyone was not able to realize the D3 Beta which was handed out 2 weeks prior to release of the final game was meant to test out the capabilities of game servers — which was stated clearly, remember?

"Diablo 3" will get cross-platform support in the future - Business Insider

You would have been nothing but a stick between the wheels in there, contributing nothing besides the clear signal to devs that you should have some knowledge about beta testing in order to even get a chance to be invited. Alas, there were many of your kind in there who just whined about the game not being perfect. Ring any bells? Now that the game is out, it is great to see how people just shut the f up, and enjoy the game.

Sure, maybe you can excuse each point individually if the rest of the game was faithful to the Diablo series. No permabuilds? No identify scrolls? Well at least the permabuilds and atmosphere are there! But such is not the case. Maybe in the sequel? Running from monster to monster is pretty tedious, why not just make everyone teleport between them? Also, why bother with equipment?

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Players can, by New Blizzard Logic, decide to stay with some poor equipment. Nobody wants that, right? And, you know, come to think of it, watching the same attack animation over and over is pretty tedious too. You want a reskin of diablo 2 and anything other than that will cause you to go into a furious sand-vagina tirade. The devs have answered questions about removing stats from the game. It was am illusion of choice, there was a mathematically right answer for stats and anything else was sub-optimal and frankly, useless. I am long-time diablo 2 player and I think the D3 skill system allows for WAY more customization than their ever was in D2.

The first act of diablo 2 and the first 3 levels down of the catacombs of diablo 1 are indeed just as easy. Its normal mode bro…I have no idea what you were expecting from one third the way into act 1 normal. You were speaking about how stats and skills are now automatic and how you did not like it, you do realize that everyone did the same stat and skill builds for certain skill types of the classes.

They automated something that we would replicate.

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Basically all I understood was that you liked to see noobs suffer through levels only to find out they fucked everything up and would have to restart their char. Diablo 2 is my favorite game of all time, Diablo 3 will never beat it. That said, even I can see the vacuous bias gushing from this article. Hyperbole much?

Diablo 3 - Playable Demo At Gamescom 2011 - Announcement

Half of your claims are exaggerated and described through rose-colored glasses. Oh and your complaints about customization? You realize D2 was completely gear based right? Skills and attributes always followed cookie-cutter builds which ended up abusing one or two skills endgame.

Characters that don’t build character

Adding points to vitality and energy was stupid. Blizzard was worthless. Never put points into so-and-so skill. It was all the same. Not following prime builds usually led to a character becoming seriously gimped late-game. Try competing in PVP without a prime build, it rarely works. Will Diablo 3 have the same problem? For those saying that stat allocation was just an illusion……..

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As a long time HC player in D2 93rd lvl HC Druid before committing suicide I can tell you that being able to allocate more points to life was the way to go. And after playing HC mode in D2 there is really no going back which means my interest in D3 is considerably lessened. While I thought that the perma choice in D2 was a bit harsh, they could have simply given us a one time respec quest and then made a respec stone a rare drop for those who want to keep changing their characters.

The Diablo 3 Starter Edition is a free trial/demo

There, problem solved. And no choice to level up skills to make them more powerful is just boring and one of the things that made D2 exciting. There were so many ways to play a class and even if one was playing the same skills, they still were never the same. So I agree that the game feels much more dumbed down than D2 which I agree is a mistake. Blizz has always easymoded their games but not out of the gate like this. I still will play it, but disappointment abounds. Diablo 2 eventually added stat resetting because of the fact that each class only had 1 or 2 viable character builds anyway.

In diablo 1 you would max out all of your usable stats at a pretty low level. I think people are misconstruing this issue. Paladin medic? Nice that those skills were there to try that build but it was useless no matter how you built it. So Diablo was about choice? Anyone who bought Diablo 3 and now regrets it; I laugh in their face! There were plenty of warning articles, like the one by WingSpanTT. While I originally had my doubts about how unleveled, slot-based abilities would play out, the net result is that using them is fun.

This game has been such a disappointment for fans of the franchise. This was anticipated by many though, e. Even the eternal Blizzard fanboy Forcesc2strategy has turned his back on the game. I was very shocked to see F2S quit D3, but I am proud he is willing to do that even given the implications it probably has for his viewership. I still have d2 characters that kick ass, I play diablo 1 every so often and my sorc there is nearly lvl30 with most spells maxed.

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Not many people saw that act5 in diablo 2 seemed a lot like icewind dale but it worked — it was one of the best acts and looked the coolest. Torchlight 2 Made by diablo 1,2,lod people.