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The desktop screen effectively runs in an "iPad space", so you can still access other functionality features of the iPad - including "slide over" apps while using it as a display. What isn't yet confirmed is whether you'll be able to split-screen the desktop view with other iPad apps at the same time.

As you can with current secondary displays you can choose to use your iPad to expand or mirror the desktop. That could be really handy if you are showcasing features and don't want people to be huddled around your computer screen. In addition to expanding your desktop real-estate, Sidecar adds extra functionality through what Apple calls Sidebar. Running down the left-hand edge of the screen, it gives you access to your most commonly used controls. These include modifier keys to enable shortcuts in supported apps.

Apple Sidecar lets you use your iPad as a second display for your Mac - CNET

Apple has also added a similar Touch Bar, as used on its latest MacBook Pro, which appears along the bottom of the iPad screen. If the app you are using supports Touch Bar it will show on Sidecar too. And no, you don't have to have a Touch Bar-enabled MacBook for it to work. Both the older and newer generation iPad Pro models will support Pencil functionality.

How to control Mac from iPhone or iPad

Besides expanding your desktop space, one of other the key Sidecar features is the ability to use it as a digital notepad, marking up images or drawing using supported apps. For Pencil support to work, the app will need to support Tablet Events. But, don't worry, lots of creative apps already do. At the moment that includes many Apple apps, but also a range of applications from third-party developers, including Adobe and Serif.

Use the iPad as the Main Display for Mac mini

For artists, it means you'll be able to open an app like Adobe Illustrator and, using an Apple Pencil, draw on the iPad instead of using a dedicated drawing tablet from Wacom, your mouse or trackpad. Apple's Markup feature, as found in Preview, is likely to be one of the most common uses of the remote drawing functionality.

Opening a screenshot in Preview will automatically open the file on the iPad or iPad Pro screen, allowing you to add notes and Markup before saving it back to the desktop. That's going to be really handy for designers and those that have plenty of pdfs to sign. You'll also be able to use the feature to draw fresh notes and then import them into other apps as sketches.

Apple announced a number of apps that will work with the new Sidecar feature, including many from third-party developers:. We expect the number of apps to grow considerably before the launch of MacOS Like you already can on the Mac, you'll be able to view your apps full screen on an iPad using the usual green button at the top left hand corner of the app. Pressing the full screen mode button will, if you want, expand the app size to take up the entire iPad screen. According to Apple you'll be able to run both a monitor and an iPad as additional screens if you want.

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However, it's uncertain at this time whether you'll be able to run more than one iPad at the same time. We would love to see a Mac with an iPad either side to create an epic cockpit experience for games or your very own mission control when on the road. Or, if you're on an airplane, you can play a movie on your Mac while your seatmate watches on the iPad, so you don't have to both hunch over the same single screen.

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However, since the goal of Sidecar is to give you a second screen to work with, many of your iPad features won't be available while you're connected to your Mac. If you want to write in your own handwriting, draw, design graphics and edit photos, you can use Apple Pencil to get the job done on your iPad. Since MacOS Catalina makes it possible to connect your Mac to your iPad, your sketches are easily transferrable to your Mac by dragging and dropping them from one screen to the other.

Running a Mac from an iPad or iPhone with Remote Control for Mac

With Sidecar, you can also use your iPad as a touch bar the app tray at the bottom of your screen for easier access. You can also turn it into a sidebar tool your most frequented docs are stored here as icons to create shortcuts to apps see below. Apple announced that Sidecar will work with these apps at launch, hopefully with more to come in the future. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

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