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GIFs are more widely used now than ever with how many appear on social media. In addition to GIFs for amusement are those we use for business. They work well for demonstrating steps to a process. We even use them in articles to give you a helpful visual to go with the written word.

Convert Video to GIF on Mac with GifBrewery

So here are six great GIF makers for Mac to check out. You can also stitch together images and videos or record your screen. For videos and screen recordings, set the starting and ending frames, add slices, insert overlays, and include text and stickers. Plus, you can crop, resize, change the background color, and adjust the canvas size.

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When you create a GIF by stitching photos and videos, you can easily set the time delay for all items or individually. Then just save your completed GIF with a click. If you have a Gfycat account, you can upload your GIFs there as well. GIF Brewery is one of the best GIF makers thanks to its easy-to-use interface and broad selection of options for both images and videos.

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Video to GIF Converter free download for Mac | MacUpdate

When you import your video, the app breaks it down into frames that you can then work with, remove, or edit. You can also use images with the app and import them with the same type of editing options. With each frame, change the drawing size, use an eraser tool, adjust the background color, and use the eyedropper for matching colors. After you edit your frames, you can set the time delay for each and the number of loops on the main screen. Smart GIF Maker is easy to use, has a clean and straightforward interface, and is available for free with an in-app purchase to remove the watermarks.

Giphy Capture is a bit different than the above GIF makers. This one sticks with screen recordings for creating your GIFs. Click to start recording and then click again to stop it. Next, head to the editing area to perfect your creation.

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You can set the loop type to normal , reverse , or ping-pong , adjust the size up to pixels, and change the frame rate from standard to low , high , or HD. Then add a fun caption to your GIF, change the text color, style, or size, and pick an animation style like fade or scale. If you have an account with Giphy, you can sign in and upload your GIF. Or just save it to your computer if you prefer.

Giphy Capture is a neat tool with basic editing options that makes creating GIFs from your screen simple.

Download : Giphy Capture Free. Try these macOS color picker apps to identify, save, format, and copy colors easily.

Best Apps to Create GIF On Mac in 12222: Get More Hilarious

Browse for your video and then make your adjustments. Then change the output size, frame rate, speed, and loops. This should be very easy to fix. Very simple, straightforward, and nice to be able to trim the resulting gifs. Great work! But like so many other apps today, it seems like it's missing options for the sake of minimalism.


The biggest issue IMO is the lack of adaptive palette. Even if I GIF-ify a very simple image consisting of only 5 or 6 colors, the GIF output looks off-color, like it's using the "web-safe" palette? uses cookies.

Would also be very nice to have "other" options for pixel size and framerate so we can type in values instead of being constrained to 4 options. Something is seriously wrong with this version of the app v4. It can. The difficulty comes when it goes to save out the resulting GIF. The files it saves are somewhat corrupted. The color information is way off center compared to the rest of the image information. It makes the image look like it has color ghosting.

It looks like a VHS capture. Simply click the red X button in the upper left of the window. This not only closes the window, it kills the app.