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Discussed above are four of the best calendar apps out there. In the end, it all comes down to what you value the most. However, compared to the other two competitors, they lack functionality and convenience. InstaCal is by far the fastest and the most at-hand Mac calendar app.

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Sometimes you might even feel you have a personal assistant right beside you. BusyCal takes the default Mac Calendar app as its foundation and improves it on nearly every dimension. Best of all, both InstaCal and BusyCal are available for a free trial through Setapp , a platform of over Mac apps and tools created to streamline your work processes, from task management to web development.

How To Choose A Mac Calendar App As our work lives could vary greatly from one another, our ideas of the best calendar app could be different as well. Generally, there are five broad criteria you should evaluate calendar apps against: Usability. Notice how many clicks does it take for you to create a new event or whether all the information you need is clearly displayed and could be understood at a glance.

When it comes to calendars, more is not always better. Some of the best calendar apps out there could be pretty bare in terms of functionality. And some of the most feature-packed ones are cumbersome to use. No one likes to wait around, looking at the spinning circle. The best calendar apps allow you to add events quickly and ideally never freeze up on you. We work in the multi-device world.

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  4. Sometimes you use both laptop and desktop, and then your Mac calendar app is better to sync in time over a web server. Every year, more and more automation helps us in our work. APIs are omnipresent. Work in sync within the Google ecosystem If your whole office is already committed to the Google world, thinking of using Google Calendar would be a wise move.

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    Access in a single click with InstaCal When your days are frantic and ease of access becomes top priority, InstaCal is a worthy alternative that lives right in your menu bar. Power up on all fronts with BusyCal Looking for the most feature-packed Mac calendar app around is likely to lead you to BusyCal. Which Mac calendar app is right for you? Get Setapp. More reads you might like. Pocket Informant for iOS 5. Several stability fixes for specific crashes that were affecting some customers.

    We thank you for choosing Pocket Informant, and while we are admittedly a little biased, Read More.

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    Pocket Informant for macOS 1. Also included are some various fixes and other improvements including improved behavior of the character title limit alert. Fixed- Dark Mode Event or Pocket Informant 5. We want to thank our beta team for their feedback and Subscribed vs Free Pocket Informant 5 for iOS … by Wesley Sandlin April 25, Blog 6 Comments Subscribed vs Free Its come to our attention lately that there are a lot of Informant 5 users that rely on the application daily but may be missing out on some great features.

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    If you or someone you know happens to be using the "Free" version of Pocket New in Version 1. This gives us consistency with iOS for now and we will resume working on calendar view-specific printing layouts in future releases. Click here for a list of remaining differences in functionality between Informant for macOS milestone 8. Focus View. Day View. Week View. Month View.

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    Tasks View. Notes View.

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    Calendar and Tasks Together Your calendar and your tasks represent what you need to do and when you need to do it. Tabbed Interface with Search Our tabbed interface lets you work with as many tabs as you wish, with each tab showing your choice of calendar view or tasks view. Search any event, task, or note from the top right with the search field.

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    Projects Organizing tasks into projects is an effective way to manage more complex activities with features. They let you create your own filters for tasks with a powerful rule editor — similar to how Apple Mail filters work.

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    You can create filters for tasks in a specific project with a status or specific importance. Whatever you are looking for — our Smart Filters can help you organize your tasks!